Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering
phone: +48 81 538 4402
head: Prof. Ph.D. Lucjan Pawłowski

     Department of Water and Wastewater Technology
     Department of Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality
     Department of Advanced Oxidizing Methods

Institute of Renewable Energy Engineering
phone: +48 81 538 4700
head: Agata Zdyb, Ph.D, D.Sc., Associate Prof.

     Department of Sustainable Development
     Department of Technical Physics and EcoBuilding
     Department of Renowable Fuels Engineering
Department of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal
phone: +48 81 538 4413
head: Prof. Ph.D. Witold Stępniewski

Laboratory of Environmental Analyses
phone: +48 81 538 4785
head: Ph.D. Marek Mardarowicz